Nowadays, more moms (and dads) are ditching the commute for remote job opportunities. For many, working from home gives parents the best of both worlds – the ability to be available to their young children while still bringing in a paycheck.

Working from home with kids is one thing. How to enjoy doing it? Get 5 tips to enjoy every minute!



When people know that you’re a Freelancer or specifically working from home they often tell you that you’re lucky. No commute and no office hours. Just you, a comfortable home office, and the opportunity to spend more time with your kids. Those benefits, however, come with an equivalent number of challenges, particularly at the personal level.

Yes indeed, you’re very lucky. Now, here comes the hardest part.

It’s very hard and heartbreaking that sometimes your child is calling you and you can’t go, or you can’t give them attention because you have works to do. Not all of the clients are kind and understanding enough. Most of them have lots of demand, and we can’t blame them though.

Often times, you’re so tired and you can’t even play with your kids because you need to do overtime, rest or sleep. You can’t really enjoy working from home if you will not have a strong game plan that will keep everything organized so you can do your job, your duty as a parent and have a little bit of me time.

To help you enjoy working from home with your kids, here are some of the helpful tips:
Tip #1: Enjoy little moments

You will not have the whole day for your child. Take little breaks from work to spend some time playing, exploring or learning. Often times, you’ll just have a little time to play with them every day. So, get the most of it and enjoy!

Tip #2: Don’t pressure yourself!

You’re often busy, you have deadlines and all but have a little time to breathe, relax and spend time with your kid.If things don’t work out the way you’d hoped today make a plan to catch up on work after bed or early in the morning the following day.

Tip#3: Take Advantage of the Nap Time

Kids who are under 1 year old have a longer nap time, but sadly children from 1 and up have shorter nap time. Take advantage of the time while they’re asleep. Make the most out of your time so when they wake up, at least you’ve finished something.

Tip#4: Aim for the Best Balance Possible

It’s not always easy to strike a balance between work and family time, but it’s so worth it. Sometimes, even you have weekends off, you’ll still spend it by working to make up for the workloads you haven’t done yet. But free at least one day of your schedule to have a family day, a little vacation or just at home spending the whole day with your family.

Tip#5: Communication is the Key!

Communicate with your partner so that he’ll know what to expect from you on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes there are lots of work so you might not be able to help with house chores or might not spend an of time with the kids. Sometimes, there will be a lot of free time and you can plan a quick get-away for you to enjoy. Be open with your partner, especially with your daily and weekly schedules so you can both find a way to work it out!