Knowledge is power, right? Before starting our business I really…REALLY wanted to go into forensic science. COOL right!!! Yeah well, life had other things in mind for me. Que….moving, moving annnnd more moving. Horrah! Ok maybe not that much moving, but I did a lot.  It didn’t really help my cause towards pursuing a 4-year degree.

Are you as addicted to online courses as I am?



Granted I did manage to get my AA through online courses, but oh man that was hard. Fast forward some years and I went back to school again after my daughter was born. Ok, she was like a year old at that point. A mamma needs something dude! It was wonderful! By that point, I realized forensic science may not have been my forte after all. Let’s face it, science and I were never the best of friends. Business administration here we come.

BOOM. Lightbulb. I love administrative work and it just seemed natural at that point. Bring in pregnancy and a second child. School was no longer viable. Of course, that means start a business..after all, I had all this free time now…..NOT. I do miss school and through my research, in starting a business and such I found the amazing plethora of online courses and certifications! MIND BLOWING!

I kid you not, but I at this moment……6….yes you read that right. 6 courses open in different tabs on my computer. They are all different courses!

I’ll admit it.

I am a course junkie.

The amazing knowledge that is so easy to access and the possibilities of receiving certifications. Which is probably the best part in my opinion. I seriously want them all! Learning has never been made this easy and I love every part of it. So far I’m taking a course on social media marketing, photoshop, google adwords, project management, start a blog and a digital forensics course.

And the list continues.




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